Insights and Optimization to Drive Business Growth

Insights & Optimization That Drive Business Growth

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second improvement in site speed can lead to
increase in e-commerce conversions and
increase in average order value

What is optimizing a website? Optimizing your website is the process of looking at data and making changes to improve the site’s ability to meet your business goals.  After reviewing site metrics, adjustments are tested to see if they improve performance. The data is again reviewed against business objectives and the process repeats, if necessary. Changes can be made to the design, usability, site performance, marketing strategy, etc.  If it can be measured it can be improved.

How do I know what to optimize? You can start by looking at general analytic reports to see how your site is performing or you can target a specific business objective. For example, if you want to increase your ecommerce revenue you might look at the number of people visiting your site and how many visitors are buying your product. Both of these metrics point to different ways to increase ecommerce sales. Do you focus on driving more visitors to your site or making sure that visitors, once there, are easily finding products and transacting.

Customer insights. Looking at the analytics of your website is also a way of understanding how your customers see your website and your business. Analytics data is not only a tool for optimization but provides valuable insights into your customers: who they are and how they are responding to your products and services. 

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